Thieves Befriend And Rob Intoxicated New York Tourists


A group of thieves are robbing people who are visiting the Big Apple. The thieves have devised a plan to befriend intoxicated tourists at local clubs and bars. Once they get the victim to trust them, they will invite them back to their hotel room or to another club for a drink.

Hair Of The Dog

The entire time the victim is unaware of the thieves’ plan to rob them of their possessions. The thieves will either instruct the intoxicated victim to hand over their personal belongings or wait until they are passed out. After collecting the stolen goods, the thieves will flee the scene, in an effort to prevent detection.

DNAinfo reports several men have become victims of these savvy thieves, while visiting the Lower East Side. The NYPD have received four reports from victims between September 9 and September 24.

On September 9, a three unknown men in an Uber vehicle near Essex and Stanton Streets approached a 25-year-old male and invited him to a strip club. The man, already intoxicated, declined the offer and passed out. He came to about 4 a.m. and discovered all his personal belongings, including credit and debit cards, were missing. Someone had made purchases utilizing those cards.

The same morning, at approximately 2 a.m., another 25-year-old male invited two people back to his room at the Hotel on Rivington. The man told police he woke up at 9:30 a.m. and observed his iPhone and laptop were missing.

Approximately 2 a.m. September 16, a 23-year-old Boston man befriended three men after leaving the Hair of the Dog on Orchard Street. The victim told police that one of the men asked to utilize his cellphone and never returned. The other two men asked him for his wallet, which he agreeably handed over. He reported his credit and debit cards and cellphone missing. He told police he believed the thieves got into a vehicle shortly after the theft.

On September 24, a 28-year-old male met a man at Hair of the Dog and agreed to go to another bar with him. During a taxi ride to the bar, the man asked the victim for his wallet and cellphone. He willingly handed them over. He reported his cellphone and four credit cards missing.

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