South Carolina Mayor On Lawn Mower With Open Can Of Beer Proves He Is Above The Law


Very few things tick us off here at Quicker Liquor Finder, but we have a few small pet peeves. It gets under our skin and makes us was to drink until we pass out when someone is able to skirt around the laws. A perfect example of this involves a Mayor from the State of South Carolina.

Daily Mail has just released dashcam footage from the night, when the mayor was pulled over by police. Aynor Mayor John Gardner is shown zigging and zagging on his riding lawn mower. In the video, one of the Horry County officers can be clearly heard telling the mayor that he is driving with an open can of beer.

john gardner mayor

For a normal Joe or Jane like me and you, this is the moment when we’d be put in cuffs and slammed violently into the back of the squad car. For the Mayor of Aynor, he proved that running a city with a population of barely 600 makes you untouchable.

The officer in the video admits to the mayor, “You put me in a spot.” Then, the mayor acknowledges the fact and apologizes. The mayor was told to pour the beer out, but he now claims that it was never open. One officer in the video says he will be calling the Town of Aynor to manage the situation.

A breathalyzer was not given and the Mayor drove away free. God dog it feels good to be a gangster, aye? Well, this incident makes out blood boil. The mayor told reporters that he bought the beer at a gas station after tending to his mother-in-law’s yard. He also suspects he was pulled over, because the tractor had no lights.

Sure sounds like a politician. This guy is up for reelection this year.

September 14, 2017 |

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