Shreveport, Louisiana Liquor Thief Becomes An Instant Classic OG


Liquor can be expensive. If you cannot afford it, you probably shouldn’t even bother. Save your money and use it for something a little more important. Or, you can always hustle and steal. That’s what a 37-year-old woman in Shreveport, Louisiana did when she wanted to get crunk. While this story might be a little older, it is definitely a classic!

On August the 18th of this year, the security cameras at the Thrifty Liquor store in the 400 block of Bert Kouns Industrial Loop caught a video that quickly went viral. It showed a woman forcefully jamming liquor bottles down her shirt, pants, and purse. The woman strolled right out of the store. To say the least, she was efficient.

sekonie jones louisiana

Unfortunately, the woman was later identified as 37-year-old Sekonie Jones of Shreveport. Most people would be embarrassed after their thievery was displayed on the news. For this original gangster, it was the same old same old. According to the suspect’s Facebook page, her mobile phone was blown up with phone calls and text messages warning her that she was on the news.

In a Facebook post, she admitted she was. However, the woman made it clear that she wasn’t wanted for murder. She also went on to confirm “I hustle that’s what I do ain’t nobody gone give me SH!+.”

The woman also laid out her plans for the future. She insisted she would turn herself in and bond out just like she had before. She also requested that everyone “stop calling my MF phone plz”.

facebook sekonie jones

The suspect was a woman of her word. On Thursday, August 24, 2017, Sekonie Jones turned herself in to Shreveport police. She was booked into the Shreveport City Jail and charged for misdemeanor theft. This lady just wanted to get drunk and she probably doesn’t care what you or I think.

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