QLF Chat System

There is a good chance that you’ll want to chat with the friends you make on Quicker Liquor Finder. You can do so without leaving the site. Just create an account and take advantage of the QLF Chat System. Only registered users can utilize the chat system. Abuse of the system will lead to a ban.

Accessing the QLF Chat System

The Quicker Liquor Finder Chat System is easily accessible from any page on this website. The Chat menu is conveniently located on the right side of the screen. For mobile users, the menu can be found at the bottom of the page.
vt chat menu QLF

Use the corresponding button to access each of the features. Inbox will provide you with a list of your current messages. Announce is used for the Announcement System. If you’ve followed a QLF Contributor, you may receive Announcements regarding the member’s store. The send button allows you to send a message to another user. The Sent button provides access to your previously sent messages. Settings can be used to view the users you’ve blocked and followed.


Sending A Message To Another User

Sending a message to another user can be done in several ways. Use the following methods to send a message to the desired user.

  1. Click Send in the sidebar menu
  2. Access the User’s Dashboard and click Send Message
  3. Visit a store profile uploaded by the user and click Contact User


Why Can’t I Send A Message?

There are many reasons that you may not be able to send a message using the QLF Chat System.

  • You’ve been banned by the QLF Team
  • You’ve been blocked by the corresponding user
  • You’ve sent another message in the last 5 minutes
  • You’re not logged in

The error message displayed on the screen will help you determine what has gone wrong. Only logged in users can access and use the QLF Chat System. Users can send a message every 5 minutes to ensure the system works as efficiently as possible.

vt chat menu followers

How Can I Report An Abusive User?

Please do not hesitate to contact the QLF Team to report abusive users. There are several different ways to report an abusive user. Use one of the methods below to report their abusive behavior to the QLF Team.

  1. Access the User’s Dashboard and click Report User
  2. In your inbox, click on the related message. Then, click on MENU and Report User
  3. Use the Contact Us form. Please provide as much detail as possible when using this message.


What Are The Follower And Announcement Features?

The QLF Announcement feature is designed to provide business owners with quick access to their customers. Business owners may encourage customers to follow them. Then, they’ll be able to contact these individuals in bulk with a single message. This can be a good way to inform customers about upcoming promotions, coupons, and other store events. After you’ve received followers, you can contact all followers at once by accessing the inbox and clicking on the “Followers” icon.

QLF followers

Then, you will see a portion of your followers. Click the orange button at the bottom to contact all of your followers.

qlf contact followers

Fill out the form and click the send button.

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