Proposed Intoxication In Public Ban Did Not Hit Home For Some Nome Residents


Nome, Alaska Gold Rush town, has long struggled with hard drinking. In an effort to urge drinkers from staggering around and passing out on the city streets, officials proposed a city ordinance, prohibiting intoxication in public places.

The measure was brought before the City Council last week, but the support was lacking. A second vote is expected in the near future.

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Associated Press – Nome Police Officer Ian Koenig Trying To Wake Up An Intoxicated Man


Nome is home to about 4,000 people, with some of those having an issue with alcohol. While the proposed measure did not include a penalty, some locals fear that it would unfairly target those people and others walking home from the local bars.

A tax on alcohol has also been considered, but some officials are concerned that it would add financial burden on some residents and do nothing to curb consumption among adults. While a new excise tax would greatly increase the state revenue, consumers would absorb the higher costs. Would higher prices deter consumers from buying alcohol?

Businesses along Front Street are constantly dealing with intoxicated people passing out and staggering about. Officials will need to find a solution that is satisfactory for advocates, drinkers and those business owners.

September 17, 2017 |

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