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Updated: 12/25/2016 This Privacy Policy will immediately go in effect for all current users of Quicker Liquor Finder.
The Privacy Policy provides users with an in-depth understanding of our policies regarding the collection, utilization and disclosure of information collected from each user through our website, email and mobile application. Terms, such as “we”, “our”, “QLF”, all refer to the Quicker Liquor Finder website. When using this website, you are hereby agreeing to the terms of the privacy policy set out below.


Information We May Collect

QLF may collect and store information from users of our service. All information collected is used to improve the functionality and quality of our service. The information may also help to customize the experience for each user, obtain feedback, and track usage of our site. Alternatively, collected information may be used to improve the security mechanisms of QLF and meet legal obligations. Below, you will discover some of the information we may collect.
Account Details – When creating an account with QLF, we will collect and store your basic details. This may include your name, username, email address, physical address, and birthdate. Rest assured knowing this information is only used to protect the user’s account and for communication purposes.
User Added Content – Members of QLF will likely leave comments and reviews on our website. This information is considered public and includes reviews left for businesses. These reviews may be shared with the business in question and distributed through 3rd party sites to reach a larger audience.

Communication – When signing up for our service, you may be required to provide a valid email address or phone number. Take note that we may send our users messages from time to time. All email messages are directly related to QLF and come directly from us. QLF does not engage in selling user details or distributing that information to others. Business owners that sign up for our services may also receive correspondence from use periodically.

User Activity

Our website may collect and store information regarding your activity on the QLF website. This may include your search activity, page views, and the dates and times of these activities. This information is used to better your experience on QLF, while ensuring you receive a personalized experience.

Please note that the QLF service does use cookies. Cookies and scripts may be used in conjunction with 3rd parties, such as Google, for the purpose of displaying relevant ads to each user. Cookies are also implemented to ensure the user is not forced to login multiple times, while also enhancing user security. QLF also uses cookies to store the user’s preferences.
Controlling Cookies

Users always have the right to block and delete cookies. However, deleting and/or blocking cookies may hinder your ability to utilize the QLF service.

Third Parties

QLF may enter business partnerships with third parties at any time. Third party content displayed on the QLF site may provide such third-party entities with information about our users. For 3rd party advertising, such as Google Adsense, the service primarily uses the client’s information to ensure relevant advertising is displayed. Nonetheless, users should consult with said 3rd parties to learn more about their respective privacy policies.

Law Enforcement

In the event that QLF is subpoenaed by a law enforcement agency, we will carefully investigate the situation and determine whether or not disclosing the requested information is appropriate. We will always act in good faith to protect the user’s privacy, while simultaneously protecting the public at large.


QLF may link to 3rd party sites from time to time. Some of these services may be unaffiliated. Therefore, we have no control over their privacy policies. We are not responsible for their practices and suggest consulting with their respective privacy policies first.

Third Party Registration

It may be possible for users to sign up with QLF through 3rd party sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. If the consumer signs up for our service through one of these services, we may receive information about them in return.

Account Closure And Data Retention

In the event that users would like to close their account, they can do so freely by contacting us directly. All public information associated with the account will be deleted promptly. However, some identifying information may be retained for a longer duration in order to comply with legal obligations that may arise in the future. Businesses cannot have their reviews or ratings removed by closing their accounts.


While QLF features adult-oriented businesses, the site should be suitable for most. Nonetheless, it is recommended that users be at least 18 years of age before signing up for our service. If underage children have been accessing the QLF service without their parent’s content, we will take the necessary steps to close and remove the child’s account.


QLF goes above and beyond to keep our users’ information safe. Nonetheless, the Internet and no electronic storage method is 100% safe. While we strive to protect the user’s information to the fullest, we cannot guarantee 100% safety.
Privacy Policy Updates

From time to time, QLF may feel the need to update this privacy policy. We may do so without notifying our users. However, all privacy policy updates can be found on this page. Therefore, users should occasionally check back to keep up with our latest protocols.

Contact Info

If you believe that QLF has failed to abide by its privacy policy, you should contact us directly. Please use our contact form to do so. Thank you.

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