Possible Alcohol Thief Accused Of Trying To Run Over Portland Police Officer


Earlier this week, a 45-year-old man in Portland, Oregon was arrested for trying to run over a police officer. Shon Houston Smith was arrested on November the 5th, after officers were sent to investigate reports that someone was trying to steal alcohol. Witnesses at the scene told police that Smith had fled from the area. Authorities began looking for him immediately. Eventually, Smith’s vehicle was spotted and he was ordered to pull over.

He refused numerous times. Court documents explain that Smith continued yelling out of his window and making hand gestures. At one point, Smith stopped his vehicle. An officer exited his vehicle and ordered Smith to shut off his vehicle. At this point, Smith put his vehicle in reverse and began driving towards the officer.

shon houston smith mugshot

The officer was forced to jump back into his vehicle and drive backwards to avoid being hit. Smith drove away and the officer followed again. A similar scenario played out with Smith attempting to run down the officer. Once again, Smith nearly hit the officer, before driving away. Smith was eventually trapped after driving down a dead-end street.

Nevertheless, Smith once again eluded capture by nearly crashing into the police officer. It is alleged that Smith ultimately tried to ram the officer’s patrol car four times. The crash eventually came to an end when Smith crashed into a parked vehicle and ran.

When Smith was approached, he assumed a boxing stance. Other officers arrived and Smith was taken into custody. Officers were forced to use a stun gun to detain him. The defendant has pleaded not guilty. He has been charged with reckless driving, fleeing from police, reckless endangering, and attempted assault.

November 9, 2017 |

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