Police Say Intoxicated Man Was Found Eating Shredded Cheese In Another Family’s Home


Wine and cheese goes together like peanut butter and jelly. After a tough day at work, it feels great to relax on the couch with a big bottle of wine and a huge block of cheese. Unfortunately, some people take their passion for wine and cheese a tad bit too far. KSFY reports that an intoxicated Elk Point, South Dakota man was found eating shredded cheese in a family’s utility room early Thursday morning.

According to public information officer, Sam Clemens, a 15-year-old was sleeping on a couch in her living room when she heard a man enter through the back door at roughly 2:30 AM. The young girl locked herself in a room and immediately notified authorities. At the time of the incident, other people were also at home.

Upon arriving at the scene, police officers discovered 20-year-old Derick Gregory Neuman in the utility room drunkenly slamming handfuls of shredded cheese down his gullet. Clemens reveals that the man blew an .18 on his PBT.

Neuman was subsequently arrested for first degree burglary, resisting arrest and underage consumption. Clemens stated that Neuman admitted walking through the kitchen, but he was too drunk to know whether or not he brought the cheese with him.

Unfortunately, Derick Gregory Neuman apparently had the right idea, but the wrong house. The defendant remains innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law.

September 8, 2017 |

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