Odisha Man Sells His 11-Month-Old Son For 25,000 Rupees


Alcohol can make people do crazy things. Or perhaps it makes them a little more logical? The answer could depend on who you ask. For a man in Odisha, alcohol brought him a golden idea to make a lot of money.

On Tuesday, Balaram Mukhi was arrested after it was discovered that he had sold his 11-month-old son for 25,000 rupees. That might sound like a lot, but it equates to less than $400 USD. Sadly, the man’s golden opportunity was nothing more than a pipe dream.

Nevertheless, he decided to put his money to good use. For starters, he bought a brand-new mobile phone for 2,000 Rupees. We doubt he could afford the new iPhone or any recent iPhone for that matter. Maybe he got a new Nokia for $31?

While the man might not seem like a good family man, he didn’t completely forget his loved ones back at home. He purchased a silver anklet for his 7-year-old daughter. That totaled to 1,500 RS. And, he purchased his wife a saree.

Finally, Balaram spent the remaining money on alcohol. After an investigation, police discovered that the man’s brother-in-law Balia was also involved in the transaction. The two men sold the young boy to a couple in their sixties.

Somnath Sethi, who was once a driver with the state government, wanted a new baby. He and his wife lost their 24-year-old son in 2012 and they thought a new baby would help the wife overcome her depression.

In the end, the drunken man claimed the child was illegitimate and traded it in for 25,000 Rupees. Police confirm that the man works as a sweeper and is likely a habitual drinker. Nevertheless, he lived like a king for at least one day.

This incredibly bizarre story is equally funny and depressing.

September 14, 2017 |

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