Ocoee Florida Man Arrested For Impersonating Police Officer And Driving Drunk


On Tuesday night, a 53-year-old Ocoee man was taken to jail after impersonating a police officer and driving drunk. Around 7:45 PM, a Winter Garden police officer spotted emergency lights near the Stoneybrook West Parkway. The lights were coming from a Dodge Charger.

The officer followed the vehicle and ran the tag. It was discovered that the vehicle was registered as private. The car was clocked driving 66 MPH in a 35 MPH zone. The high speed and lights caused other vehicles to yield. The officer conducted a traffic spot and the driver, Albert Dolan, immediately claimed he worked for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The police report confirmed that FDLE told Winter Garden Police that the man was not a law enforcement officer. The police officer noticed a smell of alcohol coming from Albert Dolan. The man’s words were slurred and he had bloodshot eyes. After field sobriety tests, the officer concluded that the man was impaired.

albert dolan florida mugshot

Dolan was taken to the Orange County Jail and charged with impersonating a police officer, DUI, reckless driving and prohibited use of lights. He was released on Wednesday morning.

September 29, 2017 |

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