Murphysboro, Illinois Approves Liquor License For Salons And Spas


Ladies absolutely love the relaxing experience of getting their hair done. What could possibly make the experience even better? How about a little liquor? On Tuesday, city leaders in Murphysboro, Illinois approved an amendment to the liquor code to make it possible for salons and spas to serve alcohol to their customers.

The new “Class S” liquor license will allow salons to serve their clientele something a little stronger than water, soda, and juice. Some spas in St. Louis already offer a stiff drink with a quick haircut. The draft of the new city code allows hair salons, nail salons and barber shops to offer alcoholic beverages to their clients.

Two local business owners believe that booze will help to boost business. However, they admit that they’ll need to be cautious about overdoing it. They believe that a couple of drinks will allow their clients to better enjoy becoming more beautiful.

In order to obtain a license, salon owners will need to fork over $525 a year. Nevertheless, it could prove to be well worth it for many spa and salon owners.

October 12, 2017 |

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