Muncie, Indiana Liquor Store Manager Injured After Alleged Shoplifting Attempt


Around 1 AM on Sunday, Muncie, Indiana police were notified of a theft at the Muncie Liquors store in the 800 block of North Wheeling Avenue. Employees at the store told the authorities that they were working when several intoxicated people flooded into the store. The employees revealed that three of the intoxicated people were being loud and attempting to distract the employees, so another one could place a bottle of vodka inside of his pants.

As the alleged thief attempted to leave the store, the manager told him to take the bottle out of pants. The man refused and strolled outside. A brief scuffle took place in the parking lot and the bottle of alcohol was recovered. Unfortunately, one of the suspects struck the store manager causing her to fall on her face as she hit the ground.

21-year-old Robert La Renzio Vaughn III hit the store manager, as she attempted to call 911. Another employee called 911 and told them that the suspects had traveled down Riverside. The defendants’ vehicle was stopped by Ball State University police a short time later and the vehicle was positively identified by store employees.

Police documents confirm that all three suspects were transported to City Hall for questioning. However, none of them were able to remain awake long enough to give a statement. Robert La Renzio Vaughn was arrested on preliminary charges of battery with serious injury, theft and interfering with the reporting of a crime. He was transported to the Delaware County jail.

October 16, 2017 |

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