Milwaukee Police Investigating After Beer Truck Slams Into House


Those big 18-wheelers are amazingly annoying. They never let you cross and they always throw water on your windshield on a rainy day. Nevertheless, they’re responsible for hauling your alcohol from brewery to bar. This weekend, one beer truck driver created a major mess when he slammed his truck into a home on Milwaukee’s north side.

The incident occurred around 11 PM on Friday near Hampton and 76th. The beer truck was carrying Red Dog beer at the time of the incident. It was revealed that a resident at the house was sitting in the living at the time, but nobody inside the dwelling was injured.

beer truck home milwaukee

Police believe that the beer truck’s driver fell asleep behind the wheel. The driver was transported to the hospital for observation. By looking at photographs of the scene, it doesn’t appear that the alcohol was hurt in any way. Rejoice Red Dog beer lovers! Sadly, the family who owns the home will have a lot of cleaning up to do.

September 17, 2017 |

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