McCormick & Schmick’s Restaurant Reaches Order To Pay Customer Who Consumed Chemical-Tainted Beer $750K


A New Jersey man was dining in the McCormick & Schmick’s in Harrah’s casino in Atlantic City on November 6, 2012, when was served beer that contained caustic chemicals. The man suffered severe burns to his stomach and esophagus.

The Associated Press reports that Richard Washart, a former Ocean City police lieutenant, filed a lawsuit against McCormick & Schmick’s, alleging he nearly died after consuming tainted beer. The restaurant pointed the finger at a Kramer Beverage Co., a company it had hired to clean its beer tap lines. Kramer Beverage denied the allegations, saying it had not been at the restaurant on November 6.

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Landry’s Inc., McCormick & Schmick’s parent company, said it would appeal the ruling and continues to blame Kramer Beverage for the incident. While Kramer Beverage was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, the judge ordered the company to pay half of the $750,000 award.

After consuming one gulp of the beer, Washart began projectile vomiting and eventually vomiting blood. He spent six days in the hospital. It is unknown whether or not anyone else reported the same adverse side effects on the night of the incident.

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