Man Arrested For Identity Fraud After Trying To Buy $700 In Liquor At Londonderry Liquor Store


On December 31, 2016, police in Massachusetts received a fraud report from the New Hampshire State Liquor Outlet located on Garden Lane. After arriving at the scene, police spotted a white BMW with Massachusetts plates matching the store clerk’s description at a nearby Wendy’s. A similar automobile was linked to an earlier identity fraud at another liquor store in Bedford.

Police eventually caught up with the vehicle and spoke with the driver, who identified himself as Stanley Julce. During a search of the suspect, police discover a debit card in the name of Stanley Harris and numerous credit and gift cards. It is alleged that marijuana baggies were also found in the automobile.

jammy alphonse mugshot massachusetts

After a fingerprint analysis was completed, detectives were able to positively identify the man as Jammy Alphonse. The 23-year-old man from 15 County Road in Everett, Massachusetts had a criminal history in Bay State. Liquor store employees were questioned and they claimed that Alphonse and another man, who was identified as Saumaro Bernard, attempted to purchase $700 in goods with a card.

When the clerk asked for identification, the men took the card and left the store. Londonderry police claim that the cards were created by the suspects. Investigators have spotted imperfections on some of the counterfeit cards. On January 25, 2017, Londonderry police learned that one of the cards used prior to the Bedford event actually belonged to a woman in Houston.

The card was originally blank, but it was counterfeited with the woman’s information. The card was later used at a hotel in Boston and a nearby T-Mobile store. Police believe that Alphonse tried to use different names and different illegal cards to rent rooms at other motels. When arrested, Alphonse had 21 cards in his possession. The cards contained the names of 10 victims from across the country.

Now, Jammy Alphonse is facing ten felony counts of identity fraud.

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