Laredo, Texas Firefighter Arrested On Allegations Of Violent Domestic Assault


A Laredo firefighter has been arrested and assigned to desk duties after being accused of domestic violence. 26-year-old Genaro Javier Garcia was recently arrested by Laredo police. He has been charged with assault, family violence, assault of a family member by impeding breath or circulation and interfering with an emergency call. Garcia has since been released on bond.

Garcia has served as a firefighter and paramedic with the Laredo Fire Department for the past five years. The alleged domestic abuse incident took place around 3:30 AM on October 18. Officers responded to a report of an assault in the 1800 block of Clark Boulevard. A couple was reportedly arguing in their backyard.

When police arrived, they discovered that Garcia had redness and swelling on his face and right eye. He also reeked of alcohol and his speech was noticeably slurred. A woman was found crying nearby. She had scratches and redness on her neck and arms.

The victim claimed that Garcia arrived home and began arguing with her. The argument quickly turned aggressive and she was pushed into the walls and choked several times. The victim claims she was able to get away and attempted to call 911, but Garcia grabbed her cellphone and broke it.

laredo firefighter mugshot arrest

Garcia’s wife also tried using the panic button on the alarm system. However, Garcia is accused of punching and breaking it. Garcia then went to the dining room, where he threw chairs and broke a hallway wall. It is alleged that Garcia choked his wife once again.

She finally managed to break free and call 911 after hitting him in the face. The couple’s children witnessed the fight, according to the Laredo Police Department. Garcia gave a voluntary statement. He claimed that everything was going to be just “fine”. He also asked police to drop the charges, because he is an employee of the City of Laredo.

The victim later pleaded with cops to drop the charges. She did not want the main provider to lose his job as a firefighter, according to the police report.

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