Intoxicated New Hampshire Dump Truck Driver Wrecks And Spills Load


Dump trucks are very dangerous. Not only can they cause a lot of damage as a battering ram, but they’re also capable of carrying hazardous loads. Suffice to say, it is absolutely vital to ensure that dump trucks are manned by competent individuals. Unfortunately, a Hudson, New Hampshire man wasn’t competent when he caused a disaster for motorists.

He has been accused of being intoxicated when he wrecked his dump truck and spilled its contents into the roadway. Around 2:23 PM, Hudson police responded to the intersection of Derry Street and Robinson Road. When they arrived, they discovered a commercial dump truck turned on its side. The good news is that the truck was hauling non-hazardous material.

The bad news is that the material was still left scattered across the roadway. Police analyzing the scene concluded that the 1995 Chevrolet Medium Duty dump truck was attempting to make a right turn, when it rolled onto its side. The driver, 43-year-old George Stanley, was taken to the local hospital with a minor, non-life-threatening injury.

The automobile sustained a lot of damage and it was eventually towed from the scene. An area of Derry Street was closed for a period of time as crews worked to clean up the mess. As for Stanley, he was arrested for aggravated driving while intoxicated and was subsequently released on a personal recognizance bail.

Stanley is scheduled to be arraigned on September 28, 2017.

September 16, 2017 |

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