Intoxicated Customer At Maryland McDonald’s Challenges Employee To A Fight


Maryland State Police said two men who were fighting in a McDonald’s parking lot were arrested and charged with assault.

Around 1:50 a.m. August 27, 19-year-old Damari J Bryan of Great Mills, Maryland was working at McDonald’s when he was challenged to a duel. Bryan did not back down from the challenge, but instead joined intoxicated 26-year-old Job St Sauveur in the parking lot to duke it out.

The incident erupted from a verbal altercation between St Sauveur and another McDonald’s employee. Bryan told the trooper he assisted his co-worker in dealing with disorderly St Sauveur at the drive-thru.

The two battled it out in the parking lot, while Bryan’s co-workers and St Sauveur’s girlfriend’s 12-year-old daughter watched on. St Sauveur admitted to not hearing the trooper’s verbal commands or sirens, because he was intoxicated.

damari brian st sauveur mugshots

Bryan complied with the trooper’s command, but St Sauveur took the opportunity to spit on his daring opponent.

The Quicker Liquor Team encourages all drunks to steer clear of this Leonardtown McDonald’s and if you do go there, be sure to leave a tip.

September 14, 2017 |

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