Intoxicated Criminology Student Falsely Accuses Taxi Driver Of Sexual Assault


On April 22, an intoxicated criminology student called police, alleging a taxi driver had sexually assaulted her and signed an impact statement in Leeds. Police arrested the taxi driver and held him in custody for six hours.

The Telegraph reports that the sexual allegations stemmed from the taxi driver refusing to accept the student’s oily £10 note for the transportation fees. The allegations led to the driver’s arrest, which resulted in him missing four weeks of work.

sophie pointon drunk

The driver’s account of the incident was entirely different that the student, who was later identified as 22-year-old Sophie Pointon. She was “extremely drunk” and holding a kebab when she entered the taxi. When the driver refused to accept the money, she became irate and ran around the vehicle opening doors.

The driver’s version of the incident was supported by a phone recording between him and an operator at his place of employment and a GPS tracking device report.

sophie pointon uk

When Pointon had her day in court, she was not up for the challenge. She broke down in tears and asked the court if she could drop the charges against the taxi driver. She later relented and pleaded guilty to perverting the court of justice and sentenced to a 16-month jail sentence.

The Quicker Liquor Team believes Pointon can learn something from this experience. She will definitely regret her decision when she spends her life working a minimum wage job, as this criminal act flushed her dream of being a law enforcement officer down the toilet.

September 22, 2017 |

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