Intoxicated 20-Year-Old U.S. Marine Allegedly Struck And Killed Japanese Man


Okinawa Police say a U.S. marine struck and killed a 61-year-old Japanese man in Okinawa, Japan early Sunday morning. Twenty-one-year-old Nicholas James-McLean collided with a mini-truck driven by 61-year-old Hidemasa Taira who was later pronounced deceased at a local hospital.


Japanese Crash

Image Source: Daily Mail

Officials say James-McLean was driving in the opposite direction at approximately 5:30 when the collision occurred, the Daily Mail reports.

It was determined that the U.S. Marine had a blood content three times the legal limit in Japan, which is 0.03 percent. According to the report, witness accounts indicate that 61-year-old had the right of way and James-McLean ran a red light.

The Marine sustained minor injuries in the collision. No further details were immediately available.

November 21, 2017 |

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