Half-Naked Drunk Indian Man Beats Two Officers And Damages Car Before Finally Being Arrested


Alcohol can make an individual feel ten-feet-tall and bullet proof. For a man in Dubai, he did not just talk the talk, he walked the walk. Now, the worker has been jailed for three months after beating up two policemen and damaging their automobile.

In June, streetwalkers spotted a drunken man strolling down the street. The man was partially undressed and acting rowdy. Police were dispatched to the man’s location. Once they arrived, they attempted to place the 29-year-old Indian worker under arrest.

The drunken man resisted with all of his might. He beat the two offers and kicked them. When one of the policemen attempted to handcuff the man, he damaged the police car’s door. Eventually, the man was restrained and taken to the police station.

The Dubai Court of First Instance fined the man for beating the officers, resisting arrest, intentionally damaging police property, and drinking liquor. He was convicted of breaking the door handle and causing damage to police property. In court, the defendant admitted to drinking alcohol, but denied assaulting the officers and damaging the automobile.

“I was too drunk and I do not remember what happened that day…I cannot remember how I behaved or what I did,” the man explained. The man did not appeal the judgment and will be deported after his jail sentence is completed.

September 16, 2017 |

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