What is Quicker Liquor Finder?

Quicker Liquor Finder, QLF is the premiere search engine for liquor stores. QLF is privately owned and operated. We are American made, run, and financed. More importantly, QLF is a collaborative project between us, liquor store owners and American consumers. Without our users and partners, QLF would not be possible.

Does Quicker Liquor Finder alter or delete reviews?

We strongly believe in the power of honesty and transparency. It is in the best interest of our users to never alter or delete reviews without suitable justification for doing so. All users are responsible for their comments and reviews. The QLF team will only remove or alter reviews, if they are deemed inappropriate or inaccurate. We strongly encourage business owners to work directly with consumers to address negative reviews. We cannot and will not remove negative reviews, unless deemed malicious and unauthentic.

Can I remove my business from Quicker Liquor Finder?

Our goal is to provide consumers with the most accurate information about liquor stores around the world. There is a possibility that our team has added to your business, without your permission. Such information is generally classified as a public record and of public concern. Therefore, we will not remove any businesses from our database, unless they’ve been closed permanently. However, business owners can claim their business listing and alter the business contact details as they see fit.

What can I do about false and/or defamatory reviews?

Rest assured knowing the QFL has everyone’s best interest at heart. We strive to ensure all reviews are accurately based on the consumer’s experience at the respective store. We understand that personal and professional disputes can lead to defamatory, false, and malicious reviews. If you spot a review that could potentially be irrelevant, inaccurate or malicious, please report it to us immediately. Be sure to provide as much information as possible, so our team will be able to address the problem as effectively and accurately as possible.

Should the review be deemed false or defamatory, our team will take the appropriate steps to rectify the wrong.

What type of content can I add in my comment?

We encourage all users and business owners to remain cordial in their communications with one another. Color language is fine, when and if appropriate. However, we will not tolerate any harassment, threats or lewd comments against other users. Simultaneously, we frown upon users attempting to use our platform to promote irrelevant businesses. We’re happy to provide liquor store owners with the opportunity to showcase their businesses to Americans all around the country. However, any inappropriate promotional content will be removed swiftly.

Privacy is a major concern for all consumers. Please do not disclose another user’s personal details on Quicker Liquor Finder. Finally, attempting to extort a business owner is simply unreasonable and not allowed. Asking for a refund to rectify a bad experience is fine, but extortion is prohibited.

Can I pay for the removal of negative reviews?

Quicker Liquor Finder strives to be a neutral player. When dealing with bad reviews, we strongly encourage the business owner to contact the commenter directly. We will not accept payment for the removal of negative reviews nor will we attempt to pressure companies to pay to keep their positive reviews. We will make no attempt to sway the opinions of our users. We wish to play a neutral role and hope to be equally beneficial for businesses and consumers.

How can I learn more about Quicker Liquor Finder?

Quicker Liquor Finder is still in its infancy and likely will be for many years to come. As we progress, we will take steps to progressively improve our services, while simultaneously adding new features. We would like our users to follow our journey from start to finish. Any time we launch a new feature or have exciting news, we will release information to our users on our website and social media profiles.

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