Exploring The Lakeshore Mental Asylum And Nearby Forgotten Cemetery


Knoxville’s Lakeshore Hospital has gone through a number of changes over the years. In the early days, the hospital was known as the East Tennessee Hospital for the Insane. The Eastern State Psychiatric Hospital would later become known as the Lakeshore Mental Health Institute. The Lyons View Drive hospital has since been closed.

Most of the buildings have been torn down. The administration building is the only original building remaining. The property is now being turned into a park for the wealthy residents living nearby. While the buildings are mainly gone, the hospital still has a cult like following among those that believe in the supernatural. Across the street from Lakeshore, you will find the Tennessee Veterans Cemetery.

lakeshore hospital

If you look around enough, you’ll come across the Eastern State Hospital Cemetery. The cemetery is located near the rear of the Veterans Cemetery and most graves are marked with numbers only. Many of the inhabitants were indigent, but some families have placed tombstones for their loved ones. Clearly, the Eastern State Hospital Cemetery is nowhere near as eloquent as the adjacent Veterans Cemetery.

lakeshore asylum knoxville

Nevertheless, it is a part of history and should not be forgotten. There were rumors of abuse and neglect at the hospital. Some speculate that the residents may haunt the property. In this episode, the QLF team will explore the exterior of the Lakeshore Hospital and the Eastern State Hospital Cemetery. Unfortunately, we were unable to get into the hospital at the time.

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