Exploring An East Tennessee Abandoned House Once Used By A Drug Dealer


This house in Knoxville, Tennessee was constructed in 1945. From the interior, it also appears that it could be used by multiple people. Perhaps it was used as a rental complex at one time? One thing is for sure. The house has an interesting history.

drug dealer house knoxville

Around the early 1990s, a common criminal took over the property. In 1992, local police attempted to raid the house. Unfortunately, they got the wrong address and wound up harassing an older couple living nearby.

Eventually, the police did track down the suspect. The guy has been arrested for numerous crimes, including theft, failure to appear, and drug-related crimes. According to paperwork found at the property, the guy must have been housed at a nearby mental hospital at some point.

abandoned houses knoxville tn

It is pretty clear that someone squatted at the property recently. A criminal law-book was found on the mattress near the entrance. Did the criminal use the book to try to beat the most recent charges? Who knows?

knoxville abandoned drug house

A lot of mail and letters were left behind. The house’s previous resident remains behind bars today. Enjoy the video. Be sure to like and subscribe to the Quicker Liquor Finder YouTube page for similar videos in the near future.

January 28, 2018 |

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