Exploring A 1930s Abandoned House With A Cool Attic


The QLF team previously explored this house during the day. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our flashlight at the time and was forced to leave early. Now, we return at night. The house was supposedly built in 1930. The owner and possibly relatives lived in a mobile home on the property for a little while. The mobile home is now gone and the owner has since passed away.

blighted property knoxville

The house’s floor has sunk and fallen through in some places. It is clear that one bedroom belonged to a young girl. It contains pictures of Billy Ray Cyrus and Jonathan Brandis. The attic and stairway are undoubtedly the best aspect of the house. Sit back and enjoy. Be sure to like and subscribe to get future updates as quickly as possible.

exploration abandoned house

January 16, 2018 |

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