Ex-NFL Player and Current Assistant Coach Arrested For Intoxicated Driving


Surprise, surprise. Another former NFL player has been jailed for driving while intoxicated. Former Indianapolis Colts player and current assistant coach, Robert Mathis, was picked up by authorities in Carmel, Indiana early Tuesday morning. The 36-year-old was arrested on a misdemeanor charge after allegedly driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

He had also forgotten to use his turn signal. At the end of last season, Mathis put away the cleats. Over the course of his career, he was named to the Pro Bowl six times. Now, Mathis serves as a pass rush consultant for the Colts.

While the Colts are aware of the arrest, they have refused to comment. According to police, Mathis was behaving erratically during the encounter. When asked for his vehicle’s registration, he handed them a placard that comes with new vehicles.

robert mathis mugshot nfl

He told one officer he had “one shot of cognac” and had “also taken a sleeping aid”. Mathis told another officer that he took a sleeping pill and had two shots of Crown Royal. While Mathis’ blood alcohol level was below the legal limit, authorities concluded that he was in no condition to drive.

He was ultimately arrested for DWI. At the time, Mathis had two dogs his truck. His wife picked up them, while Mathis went to the slammer. He has since been released. The defendant remains innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

October 24, 2017 |

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