Drunken Florida Man Tries To Steal Fire Truck, But Can’t Get It Into Gear


Drunken individuals do not always think clearly. They often do the stupidest things and they are usually unable to do the simplest. On September 16, 2017, the Broward Sheriff’s Office revealed the details of a recent encounter with a drunken 32-year-old man. The sheriff’s office poked fun at the man, by suggesting he might have been feeling jubilant after surviving Hurricane Irma.

Eric Michael Blaise decided to shut off his brain and allow the alcohol to take over. While firefighters were busy dealing with an emergency, Blaise jumped into the driver’s seat of a Tamarac Fire Rescue truck. Thankfully, this real-life Niko Bellic was unable to figure out the truck’s controls.

eric blaise florida mugshot

In particular, he couldn’t get it into gear. When a Lieutenant heard the truck’s air brakes release, he looked over and saw someone inside of the vehicle. Before too long, Blaise gave up on the jigsaw puzzle and decided to hightail it from the scene. The defendant didn’t get far. He was positively identified and he was also in possession of a vest, which belonged to the fire crew.

Now, Blaise has been arrested. He faces charges of grand theft of emergency medical equipment and petty theft. The defendant is innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law.

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