Drunk Teen Gets Violent With Paramedics In Wichita Falls, Texas


On Wednesday morning, a drunk Wichita Falls teen was arrested after getting violent with a paramedic. 17-year-old Richard Alexander Fuentes has been charged with public intoxication and assault on a public servant. If found guilty on the assault charge, the teen could face two to ten years in prison. As of Thursday afternoon, Fuentes remained at the Wichita County Jail with a bond of $5,000.

According to the police’s probable cause affidavit, Wichita Falls police responded to the 1700 block of Kemp Boulevard to check on an occupied vehicle on Wednesday at 3:39 AM. While traveling to the scene, the officers were advised as a white male and white female had fled the vehicle, leaving behind a Hispanic male.

A witness later identified the white male as the driver and the Hispanic male as the passenger. When officers arrived, they found the Hispanic male, Fuentes, passed out in the vehicle. He was laid across the driver’s seat with his feet protruding out of the window of the 1998 Ford F-150, which had Oklahoma plates.

Officers quickly woke up Fuentes and helped him out of the truck. They immediately smelled a strong odor of alcohol and noticed that Fuentes had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes. The defendant was unsteady and frequently leaned against the automobile to stay upright.

The defendant was ultimately arrested, because officers were afraid he would walk out into traffic. Due to his level of intoxication, Fuentes was first transported to the hospital. As the ambulance neared the hospital, Fuentes became aggressive and threatened to harm a female paramedic.

richard alexander fuentes mugshot texas

When the driver attempted to get Fuentes out of the ambulance, he went limp. This forced the driver to physically pull him from the vehicle. When the paramedic tried to help Fuentes to his feet, she was struck with a closed fist on the left side of her face. The punch resulted in the paramedic falling back into the ambulance.

Fuentes was quickly taken to the ground and placed into cuffs. Again, he has been charged with assault on a public servant and public intoxication. He may face a maximum penalty of ten years in prison for the third-degree felony assault charge.

November 2, 2017 |

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