Drunk New Zealand Man Sells Automobile Only To Report It Stolen The Following Day


The Quick Liquor Finder team strongly encourages safe, reasonable drinking. If you feel tempted to do something illogical, you should stop immediately! A New Zealand man did not practice this principle when he reportedly sold his automobile to buy more booze. According to the NZ Herald, a Rotorua man got so intoxicated that he sold his automobile and reported it stolen to the police the following day.

If it wasn’t already bad enough, the man actually traveled all the way to the Rotorua police station to tell the authorities in person. In actuality, the intoxicated man sold his automobile for a mere $800. His purpose? To obtain more booze and get even drunker.

Thankfully, the buyer wasn’t drunk or wasn’t nearly as drunk as the other party. He checked the vehicle’s registration on CarJam the following day to ensure it wasn’t stolen. After discovering that the car had indeed been reported stolen, the buyer traveled to the station and informed the authorities.

According to the NZ Herald, the two parties were able to sort it out. As for the police, they have a new lesson for consumers. Do not drink and sell cars.

September 5, 2017 |

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