Drunk Husband Hacks Off Wife’s Foot Then Drives Her To The Hospital


Some drunken stories are funny and lighthearted. Unfortunately, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to bizarre repercussions. Some circumstances are sad and frightening. A man in Bali, Indonesia allowed the alcohol to enflame his rage and jealousy. Unfortunately, the man’s wife, Putu Careen, was on the receiving end of the drunk man’s insane brutality.

At approximately 4:30 AM, Putu was preparing to visit her sick father. Her husband had other ideas. The insanely drunken man attacked her with a machete. The attack, which took place in front of the victim’s nine-year-old, nearly severed the victim’s legs. The woman recently chatted with the Daily Mail.

She claimed that the attacker “came in a little drunk and angry with me.” He proceeded to hit her then “took a machete to my legs in bed”. The woman tried to flee from her attacker, but ended up being slashed once again.

Eventually, the woman’s husband began feeling remorse for the attack. After wrapping her hemorrhaging legs with cloth, he subsequently transported her to the hospital. The victim confessed that her husband was abusive in the past when he drunk.

Now, the man is behind bars. Mrs. Careen isn’t sure what she wants to happen to him. There is a small glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The victim has setup a GoFundMe, which has already received approximately $70,000. Australian surgeons also believe that they’ll be able to save the woman’s right foot.

The Quicker Liquor Finder team cannot stress the importance of responsible drinking enough! If alcohol leads to rage, do yourself and everyone else a favor and stick with water.

September 13, 2017 |

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