Drunk Football Fans End Up Suffering Burns After Friendly Bet


Alcohol and fire do not mix. This should be common knowledge. Nevertheless, wits and knowledge are often thrown out of the window when alcohol is thrown into the equation. Two football fans figured this out firsthand over the weekend. Deputies in Vero Beach, Florida were called to a home on 9th street on Sunday night.

Once they arrived, they learned that the two drunken fools had already been transported to the hospital. Eventually, authorities caught up with the couple. The man and woman explained to detectives that they had a friendly bet on the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys football game.

The fan of the winning team would be able to experience the joy of burning the other team’s jersey. Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, things quickly went awry. The man and woman went outside and the Cowboys jersey was set alight.

The Cowboys fan, Timothy Silyers, idiotically grabbed the burning jersey and attempted to put it on. The Packers fan, Brianna Hook, and her family tried to remove the jersey. Both wound up suffering from burns. Silyers developed 3rd degree burns to his arm and hand, as well as burns to his back.

Hook was burned on her back. Both admitted to being intoxicated at the time of the event. The incident report confirms that both suspects admitted to messing around and that no crime was committed.

October 9, 2017 |

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