Couple Engage In Sex Act On A Delta Air Lines Flight


An adult male and female were caught engaging in a sex act on Delta Air Lines flight bound for Detroit last month. A man in the same row next to the couple was sleeping when the activity went down, according to the Free Press.

booze and wine
An intoxicated 48-year-old female from California was performing oral sex on a 28-year-old male who she had just met on the flight between Los Angeles and Detroit, according to the nine-page police report.

Witnesses contacted the Wayne Metro Airport Police Department to report the indecent act. FBI agents cited the couple for disorderly conduct and lewd and lascivious behavior.

The female was uncooperative, yelling and screaming as she was transported to an airport jail. The man denied the allegations, saying the woman “had fallen asleep in his lap but that they did not have intercourse.” However, he did admit to grabbing her breast on the outside of her clothing.

Delta would not permit the woman to rebook her flight, according to the report.

November 6, 2017 |

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