Christian Rapper And Youth Pastor In Florida Accused Of Giving Alcohol To Underage Children


Christian pastors are expected to set the bar high. Unfortunately, a Florida youth pastor has done the complete opposite. If the allegations are true, this pastor could soon find himself in the deep dark depths of hades. The youth pastor and Christian rapper has been accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Jared Michael Thomas with the Ridge Manor First Baptist Church now faces two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. It is alleged that the man went to a Hernando County home with his daughters on September 5th. One of the girls at the home claimed that the pastor touched her buttocks and make sexual remarks.

jared thomas mugshot hernando florida mugshot

The 34-year-old pastor admitted to deputies that he purchased alcohol for the girls. However, he insists that he did not actually offer it to them. The drinks were “Sex on the Beach” cocktails. Investigations were initially dispatched to the house after receiving reports of a man chasing a girl around a vehicle. Once they arrived, they discovered a broken window and a door ajar. Blood drops were located near a bathroom sink.

A girl told authorities that the pastor and her friends were at the property after a volleyball game. Jared Thomas left and returned with alcohol. When Thomas prepared to leave, he attempted to force two people to go with him. When they refused, he tried to shove them into the car. Thomas was supposedly locked out of the property and he subsequently tried to break in.

The suspect denied touching the girls and deputies were unable to find enough probable cause to charge with him battery. Thomas turned himself in on a warrant on October 8. Thomas has been a youth pastor since 2012. He recorded Christian rap music with his wife as the duo, Beyond Skillz.

It is unknown whether or not Thomas still has a job with the Ridge Manor First Baptist Church.

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