Casper Police Arrest Intoxicated Man Who Believes He Is A Time Traveler


Casper Police said they arrested a man who believed he was a time traveler from the year 2048 Monday, but it turns out that he was only intoxicated. Bryant Johnson told police he was sent from a far away planet to warn Casper residents of an alien invasion that was to take place in 2018.

Bryant Johnson

KTWO reports that Johnson told police the aliens would arrive in 2018, which is the year he was traveling to, but landed in 2017 instead. Police said Johnson believed his mission was to convince the residents to evacuate and demanded, “to see the president of Casper.”

Johnson did not get drunk on his own free will. No, the aliens got him drunk, by filling his body with alcohol. He gained the ability to time travel, by standing on a giant pad.

It is unclear whether Johnson fulfilled his mission, but his story made the headlines. Now, it is up to the residents of Casper to decide to evacuate or stay and fight the aliens.

October 5, 2017 |

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