BACtrack Skyn Wearable Tracks Alcohol Consumption


There is no doubt that most drinkers know when they have consumed too much alcohol. However, you have those that tend to avoid the physical symptoms and signs of alcohol intoxication. While drinking is meant for pleasure, it poses risks for those that do not know when to call it quits. The BACtrack Skyn may just be the solution to preventing over-drinking.

Track Alcohol ConsumptionBACtrack Skyn is a wearable device that works with the Apple Watch or iPhone. As an individual consumes alcohol, their body breaks it down into what is known as acetic acid. Since the liver can only metabolize about 90 percent of the alcohol, the remainder is excreted from the respiratory and integumentary systems.

The device works by detecting ethanol excreted through the skin. The app includes a variety of features to enhance the usability of the BACtrack Skyn. One of the most notable features is the alarm, which alerts drinkers when their alcohol level reaches a specific threshold.

Drinkers can monitor their alcohol intake from their smartphone or Apple Watch. The BACtrack Skyn is perfect for people who like to party and drink irresponsibly.

October 23, 2017 |

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