Australian Dad Sues Son For Crashing Family Vehicle In Darwin


An Australian dad trusted his son enough to hand him the keys to the family vehicle on August 12, 2016. It would be a decision that the Dennis Bamblett would soon regret. At some point in the evening, an intoxicated Dylan Taft, the son’s friend, got behind the wheel of the Bamblett family vehicle. While driving along the Arnhem Highway in Darwin, the vehicle veered off the roadway and rolled over onto its side.

NT News reports that Dennis Bamblett filed a lawsuit against his son, John Bamblett, and Taft, alleging he loaned his vehicle to his son “but only on the condition that he had not been drinking” and at no point did he permit Taft to drive it.

John Bamblett and Taft spent the evening “bar hopping” in Darwin, before going on a hunting trip. The defendants turned on each other in court, with Taft saying John insisted he drive and Dylan saying he didn’t know how Taft got the keys to the vehicle. One thing the defendants agreed on is they were intoxicated.

darwin australia crash suing

Taft and John Bamblett were ordered to pay Dennis Bamblett $8,000. In addition to the order, Taft is prohibited from operating a vehicle until March 2018.

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