Argentina Couple Arrested After Forcing Toddler To Drink Alcohol And Smoke Cannabis


A 17 and 18-year-old couple has been arrested after posting their drunken exploits on social media. The couple was arrested in their Formosa home in north-central Argentina, after posting a rage inducing video on a popular social media network. In the video, the parents encourage a young toddler to drink alcohol and puff on a cigarette.

The parents claim that the video was made as a joke and the toddler had not actually been given alcohol or cigarettes. Nevertheless, the video tells a different story. At one point, the toddler sways from side to side as if intoxicated. The video ends with the toddler falling over with the young female rushing to her aid.

drunk girl

Reports also indicted that the couple may have given the girl cannabis. During the course of the video, the culprits can be heard laughing. Authorities have intervened and have now taken the child away from the alleged parents. The young toddler has been placed into the temporary custody of her grandmother.

Since the young girl is just 17-year-old, she is still considered a minor and may be tried in the juvenile justice system. The video has immediately led to backlash on social media with many commenters suggesting the couple should not be identified as parents. Quicker Liquor Finder has granted that request.

September 9, 2017 |

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