An Intoxicated North Wales Man Who Thought He Was The Hulk Attacked Mother


Police responded to Princess Avenue in Buckley for a disturbance Sunday to find an intoxicated man covered in blood, acting like the Hulk. Twenty-year-old Jordan Thomas Hibbert was heavily intoxicated “like a man possessed,” according to the report.

Thomas Hibbert

Hibbert assaulted his mother and sister and caused damaged to multiple vehicles and houses, the Daily Post reports.

The intoxicated man was outside in the street causing a disturbance, when a neighbor asked him to keep the noise down, because her children were sleeping.

Hibbert responded by calling the woman a “rat” and shouting, “come on, come on, I am going to kill you.”

The woman and her children were barricaded in the residence, when Hibbert smashed a window, leading her to believe he was inside the home. After a neighbor told her everything was okay, she opened the front door of the home to find it covered in blood.

Shortly after Hibbert’s mother arrived to the scene, he punched her in the face. His sister began shouting, “you have just hit mum.” He responded by saying, “you want a go,” grabbed her around the neck, put her in a headlock and took her to the ground.

The sister retaliated by punching Hibbert in the forehead and kicking him in the groin.

Police said Hibbert claimed to not remember the events that led up to his arrest. However, he did recall consuming cider, lager, vodka and whiskey.

October 17, 2017 |

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