Add Review

Quicker Liquor Finder strongly encourages consumers to leave reviews for the stores they’ve visited. Leaving a review is straightforward and convenient. Simply navigate to the respective store’s page and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Follow the steps below to add a review.

1. Select a rating. Users can choose between 1 to 5 stars, with 1 being the worst and 5 the best. The average of all user submitted ratings is used to determine the store’s overall score.

QLF add review rating

2. Compose your review. Please try to be as descriptive and helpful as possible. Your review could make a difference for fellow consumers, as well as the business owner. We encourage users to be honest, even if that means being slightly controversial. Avoid defamatory comments and do not try to extort the business owner. Check the FAQ page for further details for composing a good review.

Quicker Liquor Finder writing a review

3. Click the Submit Review button once finished.

Reviews can be deleted by visiting your User Dashboard. Locate the review in question and click the Delete button. Click OK in the confirmation window and the review will be deleted from our database.

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