A Video Tour Of Hiking House Mountain In Tennessee


House Mountain is located in Corryton, Tennessee. It is roughly 8 miles northeast of Knoxville. The mountain actually features the highest point in Knox County. The House Mountain State Natural Area was designated in 1987. It consists of 525 acres.

knoxville tn house moutain

Before hiking House Mountain, we did a lot of research and read plenty of reviews. A lot of people complained that the mountain was very dangerous. Some YouTubers refused to head to the top, because it was deemed too risky.

So, what is the truth? Is House Mountain too challenging and too dangerous? There is no doubt that the mountain is located in a desolate area. There aren’t many houses or stores nearby. Nevertheless, the mountain itself was pretty populated when we were there.

house mountain review

The trails were poorly marked. It was difficult to find the starting points and knowing exactly where to head. Yet, it wasn’t difficult to stay on the trail, once you had found it. Yes, there were several fallen trees directly on the path. This wasn’t a big deal. Just slide over them and you’re good to go.

Unfortunately, the views were nothing spectacular. You won’t really enjoy the views, until you reach the very top. There are only one or two areas where the view is not obstructed by trees and we went during the middle of winter. It can be a little challenging for some individuals, but it wasn’t bad at all really.

hiking house mountain review

As long as you don’t sit on the couch 24/7, you’ll likely make it without much trouble. The journey was enjoyable. We took our time and enjoyed every step. We sincerely hope you enjoy the video tour.

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