13-Year-Old In North Carolina Gets Drunk On Four Loko And Takes A Joy Ride In Parent’s Vehicle


Quicker Liquor Finder strongly discourages drinking while under the influence. Nobody should drink and drive. This includes people of all ages, including 13-year-olds. On September the 6th, a 13-year-old from North Carolina got into a little bit of trouble when he decided to take his parent’s automobile for a spin. The boy wasn’t cruising around the neighborhood or gleefully doing donuts in a parking lot.

No, this 13-year-old had something far more dangerous up his sleeve. The 13-year-old took his parent’s automobile after drinking Four Loko alcohol. The incident occurred in Clinton, which is roughly 190 miles east of Charlotte. Law enforcement spotted the vehicle and clocked it traveling at speeds over 100 miles per hours.

Eventually, the vehicle came a stop on U.S. 701 just north of Clinton. Obviously, officers shat bricks when they saw the youngster behind the wheel. They also noticed the odor of alcohol and the teen admitted to drinking a Four Loko. A breathalyzer was administered and the boy tested positive.

The young suspect was transported to the Clinton Police Department and arrested under juvenile petitions. Deputies are now working with Clinton police and the teen’s parents to devise an appropriate way to deal with the boy.

September 14, 2017 |

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